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Annual Summit 

The MFFN summit that was to be held February 6th and 7th has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. MFFN historically has promoted healthy father-child-family relationships through informed practice, public policy and system change. We will continue to focus on this mission while working through ways to support our partners more effectively. We sincerely appreciate your support for MFFN and look forward to serving you moving forward.
Thank you.


Nathan Neuhart
Co-Chair MFFN

Lynn Nesland

Co-Chair MFFN

2020 Summit

Fatherhood 2020 a Success!

The Minnesota Fathers and Families Network 17th Annual Summit
February 3 & 4, 2020
Best Western Kelly Inn, St. Cloud, MN

Fatherhood 2020 is all about the issues facing dads now. Learn what’s new in Child Support, Custody and Father Rights. Hear how to have engaged fathers through the usually female-focused time of pregnancy/nursing and postpartum. Get tips for building and nurturing relationships with your clients and how to help them navigate their personal relationships with their child’s mother and relatives. And find out what’s new in the war on substance abuse and parenting. The MFFN Fatherhood 2020 Summit is all about helping anticipate prevent and overcome fatherhood problems. Don’t miss it!


Award Winners:
  • Outstanding Individual of the Year — Lori Lofrano

  • Outstanding Organization of the Year — Ujamaa Place

  • Outstanding Member of the Fatherhood Advocacy Community — Josh Carney

2020 Presenter Handouts:


Monday Keynote Presenter:
Calvin Williams, Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families
Transmissions, Transactions and Transformations: The Enduring Legacy of Fathers


Tuesday Keynote Presenter:

Dr. Art Rolnick, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of MinnesotaEarly Childhood Education: The Best Investment We Can Make

2019 Summit

Fathers, Families and the Broad Spectrum of Addictions
February 4-5, 2019

MFFN invites family professionals, in health care, mental health, social service and education, policymakers and child advocates to participate in this one and half day Summit and to learn about this important topic by:

  • Understanding the broad spectrum of addictions and their effects on families.

  • Learning about best practices and strategies from professionals on supporting fathers facing addictions and strengthening family systems.

  • Hearing personal stories from dads and how they have overcome their own addictive struggles

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