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Minnesota Fathers & Families Network has produced several publications over the past decade. They are available to download in PDF, view, and print from our website, and many can be ordered. Email with your order request.


The Daddy Book

A workbook to guide new fathers through the important stages of infant development

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Fathers to the Forefront

Authored by Minnesota Fatherhood Advocates and Practitioners (2007)


Do We Count Fathers in Minnesota?

Searching for Key Indicators
of the Well-Being
of Fathers & Families (2007)


Child Welfare Sector Analysis 
Success stories about child welfare agencies that have found effective ways to involve dads (2011)


Early Childhood Sector Analysis

Father Involvement in Early Childhood Programs (2011)


Unmarried Fathers Guide to Paternity, Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support in Minnesota

4th Edition Revised January 2017 by Central Minnesota Legal Services

Information Sheets

Information Sheet #1 – Staff a Class for Fathers
Information Sheet #2 – Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)
Information Sheet #3 – Positive Father Involvement
Information Sheet #4 – Young Fathers
Information Sheet #5 – Father’s Day – Everyday
Information Sheet #6 – Child Support Forms
Information Sheet #7 – Family Law Clinics
Information Sheet #8 – Preparing for Father Work
Information Sheet #9 – Dads & Early Literacy
Information Sheet #10 – What is a Good Father?
Information Sheet #11 – Male Socialization
Information Sheet #12 – Key Messages for Healthy Fatherhood Discourse
Information Sheet #13 – Including Fathers in Program Delivery: The hierarchy of father involvement
Information Sheet #14 – Lessons from Responsible Fatherhood Initiative
Information Sheet #15 – Child Protection Workers: Engaging Fathers
Information Sheet #16 – Unmarried Father Involvement
Information Sheet #17 – Gatekeeping: Mom as a pathway to healthy father involvement
Information Sheet #18 – Talking with Moms about Engaging Dads
Information Sheet #19 – The Protector: Dads as assets for child safety and wellbeings
Information Sheet #20 – Six ways dads (and moms) can connect with teens
Information Sheet #21 – Preventing ACEs Supporting Fathers As A Protective Factor
The top 5 legal things for practitioners to know when working with unmarried fathers
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions about Supervised Parenting Time and Other “Visitation” Services

Information Sheet #22- Expectant Fathers: Building Capacity through Education and Support
MDH Tips for the Expectant Father

Children of Incarcerated Parents

MFFN Newsletters

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