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Planting a Tree

Your Gift Makes a Difference!

For many organizations, advocates, fathers, family members, and policymakers, there is a growing understanding that healthy fatherhood is not an end unto itself. Rather, healthy fathers are one component of a bigger picture — the promotion of healthy children, families, and communities. MFFN works toward this end by promoting policies and practices that support healthy father-child relationships and families. Your donation helps us to continue this work which helps everyone in our community.

  • Honor a father you admire, acknowledge a fatherhood program you support, or just to say keep up the good work to MFFN.

  • Donate online below, or checks can be made payable to MFFN and sent to:

Box 225
Forest Lake MN 55025

Donations of any amount are most appreciated.





Charities Review Council Minnesota Fathers & Families recently went through a review with the Charities Review Council, and we are glad to announce that MFFN meets all twenty-seven of the Council’s Accountability Standards and was awarded the “Meets Standards” seal. The Charity Review Council reviews nonprofit organizations in four areas: Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity, and Fundraising. The review works to ensure that an organization’s operations, structure, and policies meet widely accepted standards for accountability and transparency. The awarded “Meets Standards” seal shows our commitment to accountable and ethical practices. MFFN is listed as a reviewed organization on the Council’s Smart Givers Network and the Smart Giver newsletter distributed to households, businesses, and nonprofits.



Change can’t happen without you. Please consider volunteering to help us in our work across the state. Email your interest to

Become a Board Member 
As a statewide network, we are dedicated to hearing the voices of fatherhood practitioners, educators, public policymakers, and family services professionals from every region of the state. Learn more about being a board member to help direct our work throughout the state.

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