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Monthly Zoom Meetings

Check out our previous MFFN Monthly Zoom session below! Learn what has been going on with fathers and families across the state!

How to Approach, Engage, and Retain the Fathers and Families we Work With
Presenter: Joe Johnson
Owner, Parenting Solutions

Check out our August virtual session on “how to approach, engage, and retain the fathers and families we work with” hosted by our very own Joe Johnson, CEO/Parenting Consultant for Parenting Solutions. Joe has worked/interacted with thousands of men in many communities, jails, treatment centers, youth at schools and so much more. Learn some tips and tricks for approaching new fathers or families. Learn to practice the 3 L’s that are key to engagement and methods used for retention which will be a natural side effect of being a good steward in your work.

Click Here to Watch the Zoom Recording

Passcode to Access the Video: 0iG%WqC3

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